Weaveworld - What is it?

Weaveworld/ONCE (shortly: WW) is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) framework for developing Java based Web Applications, Web Services, Enterprise Applications.
Weaveworld (what is the protocol layer) has a lower layer called ONCE (Open Network Communication/Collaboration Environment), what provides service/operation definition and publishing, data access, messaging and remote event handling.

  • Weaveworld/ONCE has the free Open Source ONCE Utilities framework, that is a “must have” framework for Java programming (value handling, conversions, String and File handling, Logging, etc.)
  • ONCE Utilities contains an implementation of the Multiverse method, that solves the 'combinatorial problem' of testing, thus complex decision trees of application usages can be tested without development overhead.
  • Furthermore, Doc1st is also packaged in ONCE Utilities. Doc1st is an extension of the well-known “test first” method. Using “doc1st”, developers firstly create tutorial like documents (overviews) describing the needed features, where code examples of usages are test fragments. Thus, design level documentations, tests and code lines are bound together. Doc1st has several measurements, run tests and creates HTML documents from the descriptions.


The 'Weaveworld.org' is about

  • to host the free Open Source ONCE Utilities
  • to host documentations about the Doc1st method and “Multiverse” technique
  • to host documentations about some experimental techniques used in Weaveworld/ONCE

In the near future it is planned to make some part of the Weaveworld/ONCE, called weaveworld_org freely available.

Weaveworld_org is planned to contain the followings:

  • GenDA (“General Data Access”) SQL and QL: model based fast persistency mechanism
  • OnceServices: publishing Java based or some other services as Web Services or REST
  • WWPublisher, to publish pages of Web Applications as Web Services or REST
  • #XNL (“Direct form of Extensible Natural Based Language”), what is an XML replacement

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