Currently “doc1st” is an initiative and in experimental phase, so it can be changed without notification.

Doc1st is free to use for any purpose (including developing business software). :!: Disclaimer: the author accepts no responsibility for any error, damage or data loss that results using ONCE Utilities or any part of it!

What is doc1st?

First of all, doc1st (i.e., “doc first”) is a development method, an extension of the well-known “Test First” technique, that suggests to create test cases before coding the new parts of the program. Using doc1st, firstly the developer writes some documentation lines containing an overview about the program parts and functions. Test lines added later to the documentation are also to illustrate the mentioned features.

Secondly, doc1st is also a recommendation for a documentation structure of program documentation; suggestions, how to arrange titles, parts, overviews, the main and detail texts. The documentation structure also has a sample style-sheet that contains formatting of elements of the document structure.

Doc1st is also a small framework to use the doc1st method, currently available on Java as the extension of the “junit” (www.junit.org) framework. Using the doc1st framework, developers can create “docs”, doc1st “documents” that are documentation lines and “draft” and code lines of unit tests. The docs can be executed, that means runs of test cases and generating the documentation. However, the doc1st method can be used without the framework, e.g., putting documentation lines into test cases.

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