Test Development

'Firefly' is a mature environment, that joins together decade of developments and techniques. It's a really joy to work with it, because it's very productive. Just write a few simple script commands, draw some boxes and lines and it works - 'at ONCE'1).

Acquiring 'Firefly' licenses means no support, no warranty at all.
It's because until now, we lack of resources, running this experiment as a startup. (The aim of evaluation licenses is that you can try if Firefly fits your needs.)

Our primary aim is to create a useful and robust application.

Furthermore, Logos 2000 offers Test Development and Consultancy services, including

  • Developing Tests with Firefly or common Java based techniques
  • Providing Consultancy about developed tests
  • Extending and Fine Tuning Firefly tests
  • Creating additional Java components that can be controlled by Firefly
  • Creating 'Requirement Maps' with Firefly, to monitor 'use cases' or to use as regression tests during new developments

You can reach us at dev@logos2000.hu.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Known problems

  • Contexts' contents sometimes not refreshed automatically: server must be restarted to show newly created child elements
ONCE, i.e., 'Open Network Computing/Collaboration Environment', is the name of the lower layer of the Weaveworld
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