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JavaScript and Nashorn

Firefly/Weaveworld uses JavaScript to define the control of processes. Knowing the very basics of JavaScript is essential, however only a basic knowledge of some simple construct is quite enough to start the work.
In Java(TM) version 8, the built-in JavaScript engine is Nashorn, what is based on ECMAScript 5.1.

  • Mozilla Developer Network has a very good
  • ECMAScript can be studied in details from
  • Nashorn has
    • the “for each” language extension (see at the beginning of this page)
    • and techniques to work with Java classes (see 'Java' and 'Packages' in 1, 2).

Starting the Weaveworld platform

  • See a detailed reference about starting the WW platform, command line switches, start scripts and passing arguments

Running JavaScript and BPMN

  • Firefly uses BPMN constructs to define processes and describe the requirement structures.
  • Weaveworld/ONCE' Context Control (X) is
    • for access variables/parameteres,
    • to states checks/asserts,
    • to handle data in different formats.
  • An important feature of the Context Control is to access the Scene

Testing and Browser automation

Firefly has a Selenium based high level Browser control to make easier defining test scenarios.

If we can control the design of Web pages to be tested, we can put id's or other attributes to easily specify page elements. However, if we have to examine a closed Web application, sometimes we need other techniques to reference to elements.

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