Personal and Professional Editions

Firefly/Weaveworld has two operational modes ('Editions')

  • After the installation the program starts as a Personal Edition what is free to use.
    • The purpose of the Personal Edition is to develop and try 'Requirement-models' and other processes on a personal computer/laptop
    • Personal Edition needs Internet connection, so it is not working if the server is not available (even because of maintenance).
  • Using a valid License file the program switch to Professional Edition.
    • The purpose of the Professional Edition is to create a Knowledge-center about the developed/used applications' features
    • A 6 or 12 month license can be ordered.

Personal Edition Professional Edition
Free to use License is needed
Mandatory Internet connection Offline or Intranet usage, too
Mandatory Updates (2-3 a week).
Latest version has to be used
Any version can be used
Traces are not recorded, but
stepping is available, even in a
TTS synchronized way
Traces can be recorded, so they can be later
examined, exported and presented
The server can be accessed
and controlled from a local
browser only
The server can be accessed/controlled remotely from
other computers. (Developers can remotely use the
test computer, data can be accessed or presented
remotely, etc.)
Server needs frequent restarts
No instant compile/build Instant compile/build is available
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