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The following is an example for a test development request.

We only need few things:

  • just provide us some kind of access of the application to be tested (along with the necessary NDA)
  • give us some scenarios, 'User Stories', e.g., in short screen videos
  • specify the critical and non-critical conditions to be tested

'Logos 2000' offers Test Development and Consultancy services.

The example below needs about 2.5 man-days (starting from scratch).
A generated user guide with screenshots would need additional 2.5 days.


(:!: The following is an example for a test development request that uses the publicly available JEE7 Server's Admin Consol.)

We need to test the following user story.
Conditions to be checked are marked by the :?: sign.

'Java EE 7 SDK Update 1'.

User Story:
Creating a New JDBC Connection Pool and JDBC Resource for a MySql Database


  • scenario:
    • 'Java EE 7 SDK Update 1' is installed
    • mysql-connector-java-5.1.37.jar JDBC driver is in the 'lib' folder of the domain
    • MySql server is running, it has a 'test' schema that is accessible by the 'root' user using the 'root' password
    • Glassfish has the mytester.war installed that lists the 'email' columns of the 'customer' table from the 'jdbc/mytest' datasource

Clean up:

  • delete the 'jdbc/mytest' resource and the 'mytestPool'
  • delete the 'customer' table

Step 0:

  • the 'customer' table has to be newly created and it has contain 3 rows

Step 1:
Creating a JDBC Connection Pool

  • scenario:
  • :?: Datasource Classname =
  • :?: assert: mytestPool is in the Pool table
  • :?: Ping: 'Ping Succeeded' message
  • :?: table of 'Additional Properties' shows the serverName, database, user, password properties

Step 1a:
Setting Connection Validation with wrong table name

  • scenario:
    • using a nonexistent table name ('DUA') causes error
  • :?: Save: 'New values successfully saved.' message
  • :?: Ping: 'An error has occurred' and 'Ping Connection Pool failed for mytestPool.' message

Step 1.1:
Setting Connection Validation with the 'DUAL' table name

  • scenario:
  • :?: Save: 'New values successfully saved.' message
  • :?: Ping: 'Ping Succeeded' message

Step 1b:
Creating a JDBC Connection Pool with an existing name

  • scenario:
  • :?: Finish: “An error has occurred” and “A resource named mytestPool already exists.” messages

Step 2:
Creating a JDBC Resource

  • scenario:

Step 2a:
Creating a JDBC Resource with an existing name

  • scenario:
  • :?: “An error has occurred” and “A JdbcResource by name jdbc/mytest already exists.” messages


The following video shows the Firefly-test for the scenarios above.

Visual trace of the Test run:

Visual trace using the ?clean=1&stop=1&close=1 arguments:

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